(N°OOO-5)                                                                        (C2H3Cl)n


‘Nervure’ project embraces time optimization as a strength and by using it as a tool for creation.

After experimenting on different ways to pleat fabrics, Baptiste investigated on how to harvest the limitations of silkscreen by the replacement of the screen with a double stencil which aligns the front and back print with a perfect accuracy.
The heat - reactive ink will transform the fabric into a new pleated and elastic texture. This methodology of production leads to a simple, precise and efficient outcome which leaves more space for playfulness during the creative process.

The printing system which emerge from this research is an attempt to link this forgotten relation between the optimization of the industry and a handmade technique.
Those experimentations seek to translate the pleating process in a more playful expression and therefore a possible development with them

Photos : Baptiste Comte


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